Zig Zags

Zig Zags

The Grand Social Dublin
The Grand Social, Dublin
The Grand Social Dublin 07/03/2017 20:00
07/03/2017 20:00

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This is an over 18's event. You may be required to show ID (driver's licence, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.
After cranking out six seven-inch singles (including one with Iggy Pop on vocals) since forming 2010, the L.A. trio have released their self-titled debut full-length on In The Red, the same label that brought you Jay Reatard and Ty Segall’s Fuzz. In fact, Segall produced Zig Zags for your listening pleasure. In 12 songs, they chainsaw through weirdo film and caveman rock and space noise and make smart sound so dumb it turns inside-out and becomes brilliant.

Sure, their ripping guitars and neck-bending rhythms are dark and grimy, but it’s the kind of leather-clad, smoke-scented, cheap beer-drenched grime that at least means you’re having a damn good time.

The band’s music can best be summed up as the Venn diagram connecting Black Sabbath, Black Flag and Motörhead. But hell, those are three of the finest rock bands of all time, so anything that combines that trio can’t be wrong - Clash Music.

Zig Zags have delivered a potent dose of galloping, cartoonishly vicious rock'n'roll—material previously perfected by bands like Motörhead and Megadeth - Pitchfork

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