DBD at the Mezz Dublin
DBD at the Mezz, Dublin
DBD at the Mezz Dublin 08/03/2018 20:00
08/03/2018 20:00

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This is an over 18s event. You may be required to show ID (driver's licence, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.

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General Admission: €12.00 incl. booking fee


Doors 8pm



If your best friend was a band, who would they be? I think they might be something like Listener. Because Listener is a band of best friends, who have experienced the best and worst of times, and have survived on songs. No one knows you like they do and no other band can describe how you feel like they can. They have captured just the right words and just the right sounds and pinned on them all of our deepest emotions, our greatest fears, our toughest challenges, and our unbridled hopes. This is a group that sticks close to your heart no matter where you go, who you’re with, or how you feel. When you put in a Listener album every song is like an old friend and every moment enjoyable.


Beginning in 2002 as a solo act the band Listener has evolved over the years into a full fledged rock and roll band, and has toured the world over playing their brand of Talk Music. Based out of Kansas City Missouri with Dan Smith on vocals and bass, Kris Rochelle on drums, and Jon Terrey on guitar. With thought provoking stage banter, music that keeps your mind busy, and words that quickly take hold of your heart, Listener is a near perfect balance of what words and music are supposed to be.


A Love Letter To Detroit (NEW)


Add Blue (NEW)


There's Money In The Walls (NEW)


Wooden Heart


Falling In Love With Glaciers




A performance artist and storyteller native to The Land of Enchantment, Levi The Poet has toured his way around the country and beyond with bands and artists spanning the full spectrum of genre, interacting with audiences in hundreds of venues - house shows to universities, dive bars to colleges, conferences, schools, festivals, churches and art spaces - throughout the country, with international performances as nearby as Canada, and as distant as New Zealand. Levi combines advocacy and artistry in a language that speaks beyond words. A language that resonates with life lived, universal. Ever a fan of truth and narrative, he has successfully woven the two together throughout his career in both autobiographical and fiction spoken-word storytelling.


Largely because of the personal transparency which characterizes his art, Levi joined American Giving Awards winning organization To Write Love On Her Arms to tell the story of his father’s suicide - a topic he speaks on often - in the hope of providing a sympathetic resource for thousands of individuals who wrestle with depression, self harm and mental illness.


The autobiographical truth of story narrated through writing and performance art is a powerful catalyst for engagement and sympathy where bullet points and statistics will simply never do.


"I am no Beethoven, and though Bernstein and I are theological opposites, I agree with his sentiment toward artistic excellence. It speaks a deeper language. It provokes a hidden chord."


Levi combines heavy issues of faith, love, sexuality, mental illness, addiction, abuse and identity with the contrasted brightness of pseudo-fantastical story and myth. His most recent album and first foray into fiction - Correspondence (a fiction), a Wes Anderson meets Herman Melville's Moby Dick mythology successfully funded this November at 140% of it's campaign goal - is the clearest example of that maturity crashing against the innocence of a children’s story.


And the story is just beginning. Perhaps you'll find your own [non]fiction in his.






VERSIVE are a energetic, five piece Alternative Rock band from Dublin, Ireland.VERSIVE are a Dublin based alt-rock band.


"In all it’s a good EP, a decent example of what Versive are about, and a taster of how a future album might sound. They have a definite handle on who they are, how they sound and where they want to go with it and I hope they do well" -


"The EP is full of promise. Versive have a solid foundation in their players and the songs on offer are full of potential while being enjoyable on their own" -\versive






A spoken word artist, who's the bee's mutha frickin knee's and they're too awesome for web presence so just take our word for it.



Plus Taking Back Thursday DJ's afterparty