Des Bishop

Des Bishop

Clonmel Park Hotel Tipperary
Clonmel Park Hotel, Tipperary
Clonmel Park Hotel Tipperary 29/11/2019 19:00
29/11/2019 19:00

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This is an over 18s event. You may be required to show ID (driver's license, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.

Des Bishop - Take The Points


That’s good advice on the pitch but an even better metaphor for life especially when you don’t take advice well. How hard can it be for a man to say “point taken!” Des Bishop’s new show tries to digest the incredible changes we have seen in society in the last year and a half. Me too, consent, trump, the 8th and how divided everyone is online.  Everyone welcome, snowflakes, the easily offended, those that complain about people being offended, PC and non P.C. people, religious people and atheists. We all have points to take and goals to come! 



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General Admission: €28.00 incl booking fee