Spirit of the Beehive

Spirit of the Beehive

Whelan's Dublin
Whelan's, Dublin
Whelan's Dublin 16/04/2022 20:00
16/04/2022 20:00

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This is an over 18s event. You may be required to show ID (driver's license, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.
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“The outstanding album from the Philadelphia electro-psych trio is reclusive, cryptic, late-night paranoia music. Their oblique songs can evoke an entire landscape of feeling in very few words.” - Pitchfork 8.3 (Best New Music)


“After establishing themselves as one of the most unique acts on the indie-rock landscape for three albums in a row, it’s heartening to see Spirit of the Beehive take their music even further.” - Paste


The highly anticipated debut performance celebrates their fourth album released on April ‘21, Entertainment, Death via Saddle Creek Records.


The album signals new chapters for the band on multiple fronts, being the first to feature their new three-piece lineup, as well as the first to be entirely self-recorded and produced. In the spring of 2020, the trio began to write their new album at a distance by emailing files back and forth.


 "The process of making this album was basically the exact opposite of our experience creating Hypnic Jerks," Schwartz explains.


"We had to record that in seven days, because that was the studio time we had, whereas ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH was made over the course of three, four months."


Recording remotely offered the band an incentive to experiment with new possibilities for their sound, resulting in an album that is unlike any Spirit of The Beehive has released before.



Schwartz describes his songwriting process as a stream-of-consciousness, while Ravede asserts that she doesn't typically write vocal parts with any specific intention in mind.


 "When I write, the narrative usually doesn't present itself until after the song is done. And even then, it depends on how the listener interprets the words," Ravede reflects.



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General Admission: €23.00 Incl. Booking Fee plus Service Charge