Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis

Whelan's Dublin
Whelan's, Dublin
Whelan's Dublin 01/02/2023 20:00
01/02/2023 20:00

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Rhys Lewis boasts anthemic songs that have sound tracked the nation’s heartbreak, on the hit TV show, Love Island. After catching the public’s attention with numerous songs that were selected for the show, Rhys was ready to redirect his narrative away from love’s past. Whilst feeling claustrophobic and somewhat confused in the centre of the modern world, he took himself off to the Lake District for a solo venture.


No phone, no technology, just a good old map and endless greenery to be discovered. As an individual that feels increasingly disconnected in an online space, it was here that he could finally see the need to reevaluate his life. Having slowly lost the confidence to identify as a musician, this album helped redefine ‘musician’, for today’s Rhys.


As 2020 stretched out in front of him, a differing path beckoned. He needed the triumphant, runaway and re-do your life anthem that he was days away from penning. This track, Alone, one of the new album’s lead singles, craves for the freezing, liberating touch of the ocean.


Rhys Lewis latest single ‘Midnight’ is out now.



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