An Old Song, Half Forgotten

An Old Song, Half Forgotten

The Abbey Theatre Dublin
The Abbey Theatre, Dublin
The Abbey Theatre Dublin  04/05/2023 19:00
04/05/2023 19:00

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This is an over 18s event. You may be required to show ID (driver's license, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.

An Old Song, Half Forgotten opens a window into the life and soul of an older actor who is living in care with Alzheimer’s disease.


When a visiting string quartet play, the music summons a suite of glorious characters and moments from his life, allowing him to revel once again in his great loves and losses, whilst conjuring up a smashing vision of his younger self.


Written by Deirdre Kinahan and directed by Louise Lowe, An Old Song, Half Forgotten is written for and performed by one of Ireland’s most celebrated actors, Bryan Murray, who himself was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


Theatre is Bryan Murray’s home, with a career beginning as a member of the Abbey Theatre company. He now returns to the Peacock stage to inhabit a play that sings entirely to his distinctive voice and talent at this time of great change in his life.




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Performer: Bryan Murray

Performer: Matthew Malone

Writer: Deirdre Kinahan

Director: Louise Lowe

Set Designer: Conor Jacob

Lighting Designer: Ciaran Bagnall

Sound Designer and Additional Composition: Philip Stewart

Costume Designer: Maree Kearns

Composer: Paul Frost

Personal Assistant: Úna Crawford

Creative Producer: Natasha Duffy

Original Music for String Quartet: Paul Frost

Publicity Image: Pat Redmond