Ryan Sheridan

Ryan Sheridan

The Grand Social Dublin
The Grand Social, Dublin
The Grand Social Dublin 11/11/2023 19:30
11/11/2023 19:30

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Ryan Sheridan


RYAN SHERIDAN - is a Rock/Pop Artist and Producer hailing from Ireland. His passion for music started early in life and has been instrumental in shaping his career. From humble beginnings as a street performer to gaining international recognition, Ryan's story is one of perseverance and dedication towards his craft.


Ryan's introduction to music began at a tender age, learning the guitar and other instruments while absorbing various music styles from his family's diverse musical tastes.Travelling to America at the age of 16, Sheridan had a brief encounter with the world of professional theatre, joining the widely acclaimed Riverdance. However, his heart belonged to music.


After returning to Dublin, Ryan began his journey into the world of music, first performing as a solo street artist and later forming the band Shiversaint. Despite their local success,the band ultimately disbanded, which led Sheridan to pursue a solo career. Solo success found Ryan with the release of his debut album, "The Day You Live Forever," in 2011.


The album received widespread acclaim and featured hit singles like"Jigsaw" and "Stand Up Tall." Thanks to its compelling blend of modern and traditional Irish elements, the album went on to achieve, multi-platinum status.


His second album, "Here and Now," was released in 2015, further cementing his status as a prominent Irish artist. Ryan's emotive lyrics and powerful acoustic guitar style resonated with fans, leading to numerous sold-out tours across Europe. Sheridan's unique style of music has attracted the attention of music critics and fellow musicians alike.


He has matured into a versatile performer, boasting a vast repertoire thatincludes rock, pop, and folk elements—all united under the characteristic energy andearnestness of his live performances.


As Ryan Sheridan continues to evolve as an artist, his work remains true to his roots while showcasing a deep understanding of international musical trends. His dedication, talent, and personal journey serve as inspiration for aspiring musicians, making him a cherished figure in the world of music.



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