3 Bucks Left

3 Bucks Left

Clayton Hotel Sligo Ballinode, Co. Sligo
Clayton Hotel Sligo, Ballinode, Co. Sligo
Clayton Hotel Sligo Ballinode, Co. Sligo 28/12/2024 20:30
28/12/2024 20:30

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This is an over 18s event. You may be required to show ID (driver's license, Garda / PSNI ID or passport only). Right of admission is reserved.

Brave Entertainment Presents: 3 Bucks Left - Live plus Special Guests


3 Bucks Left is a spin-off of County Mayo’s own Hardy Bucks and was created by childhood friends and total, utter piss takers.


This Satire is laden with comedy and pathos throughout, inspiring many other acts in its wake. Now a decade later, it remains one of Ireland’s favourite comedy shows.


It’s been a wild ride of ups and downs. Crude, lofty, self-deprecating introspection, coupled with rowdy philosophies. Such misadventures are not for the faint of heart. Ruggedly charming, extremely funny riding close to the wind.



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Early Bird Tickets: €22.50(Incl. Booking Fee)


This is a General Admission Event